it's nothing

Short Film. Drama. 16 minutes.

Written by Julia Lederer

Directed by Anna Maguire

Produced by Jessica Adams, Amanda Lo, and Anna Maguire

Cast: Emily Piggford, Cara Gee, Niamh Wilson, Kwaku Adu Podu



Robin spends every night digging a hole in the park with only the company of a best friend who no one else can see. She doesn't tell anyone. People start to notice the dirt on her face and under her nails but say nothing. Until they do.  

It's Nothing examines the inner-workings of an eating disorder.

The further Robin digs down into the hole, the safer she feels.

And the harder it is to get back out. It's Nothing was made with the support of the Canada Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council.


STAGE: Currently screening at festivals. 

DISTRIBUTION: Travelling Distribution


WORLD PREMIERE:  2019 Toronto International Film Festival,

followed by: FIN Atlantic International Film Festival &

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma.

NOW Magazine's list of Must See Canadian Short Films at TIFF


Upcoming Screenings: US Premiere at Cucalorus Flim Festival and UK Premiere the London Short Film Festival.


Poster by Rachel Wallace






Short Film. Comedy. 6 minutes. .

Written by Julia Lederer

Directed by Rebecca Applebaum, starring Krista Morin (The Handmaid's Tale). Produced by Rebecca Applebaum and Julia Lederer 


Judith has been playing the spoon in Beauty and the Beast for twenty-one seasons. She is starting to forget where the spoon version of her begins and the human version ends. A sad comedy about the nature of change and the downsides of being too good at your job.


SPOONING is adapted from Julia Lederer's short play of the same name, which is part of her Reality Theatre collection of one-act plays, first produced  in full at the 2017 SummerWorks Performance Festival in Toronto, directed by Rebecca Applebaum. Krista Morin originated the role. The film version was shot in Toronto and is Rebecca Applebaum's directorial debut.

STAGE: Currently screening at festivals.

WORLD PREMIER: 2019 Cinequest Film Festival, followed by the Canadian Film Fest (award for Best Performance in a Short Film: Krista Morin), Breakthroughs.

Upcoming Screenings: UK Premiere at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

Poster by Jill Holmberg

Photography by Bryanna Reilly

Spooning Posterwhitelaurel3.jpg



Comedy Pilot. 30 minutes.

A single-camera mockumentary about a community theatre company trying to stage a socially relevant production of Beauty and the Beast. 

Cast: Katherine Barcsay, Michael Yerxa, Mae Martin, Morr and Jasp, Julia Lederer.

Directed by Jacqueline Pepalll

Written by Julia Lederer

Produced by Great Lake Films

Premiered at the LA Comedy Shorts Festival


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