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With Love and a Major Organ

A feature film written by Julia Lederer, based on her acclaimed play.

Directed by Kim Albright. Starring: Anna Maguire, Hamza Haq, Veena Sood.


World Premiere: SXSW 

Asian Premiere: BiFan

Canadian Premiere: Fantasia International Film Festival

In an alternate world where hearts are made of objects and suppressing emotions is self-care, a lonely woman rips out her own heart for the man she loves, only to discover that he has run away with it. 


"[W]orks the muscles in the head as much as the heart…while comparisons to the surrealities of Charlie Kaufman are inevitable, With Love and a Major Organ is its own distinct thing."

- The Moveable Feast

"Quippy and biting dialogue plus a slick socially relevant plot make With Love and A Major Organ one of the most imaginative selections at SXSW 2023." - Reel News Daily

"[S]o fantastic, sad, beautiful, and unusual...  a whimsical, heartfelt, force to be reckoned with...The specific brand of dark humour that makes you wonder if Phoebe Waller-Bridge would like this movie.” - Dread Central

"A unique love story… the script is beautifully poetic." - AIPT

"An incredibly artistic take on the concept of emotional vulnerability." - The Hollywood Outsider

"[B]lends quirky comedy, earnest romance, and a mind-bending conceit with enchanting appeal." - Mashable

The Play

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