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WHEN:  Saturday, January 11th @  12:30pm

              Monday, January 13th @ 12:30pm 

              Thursday, January 16th @ 8:00pm


WHERE: Next Stage Theatre Festival, Factory Theatre Main Space, 125 Bathurst Street


WHAT: A comedy about robots taking over the world, inspired by Čapek's R.U.R.


A hundred years ago, Karel Čapek published R.U.R., and coined the term "robot" (derived from the Czech work for  "drudgery"). Long before computers, Siri, and even the first Roomba, Čapek imagined how powerful  A.I. could become. Czech playwrights have a distinct ability to ask vital questions using the theatrical and imaginative and communicate the tragic through comedy. Just as Čapek reflected his world, in U-R-U I have sought to reflect our own. Though the two plays are linked, no knowledge of R.U.R. is needed to understand U-R-U. 


STARRING: Kaleb Alexander, Akosua Amo-Adem, Rebecca Applebaum, Alison Deon, Kat Letwin, Michael Musi, Nicole Power, RH Thomson, and Jennifer Villaverde.

DIRECTED BY: Heather Marie Annis, PRODUCED BY: Johnnie Walker, STAGE MANAGER: Ellen Brooker, SOUND DESIGN: Maddie Bautista, PROJECTION DESIGN: Montgomery Martin.


More about the show and team coming soon!