Julia has written audio pieces for theatres and podcasts in Canada, the United States, and the UK.  For PROSE jump down.

For THE HIDDEN STATION podcast. HERE on iTunes.

Directed by Conor Dowling, Performed by Erin McGathy,

Music by Shamie Harvey.

00:00 / 08:29
Cracked Earth

Performed by

Amelia Sargisson.

Recorded and Edited by

Troy Slocum

"In our separate rooms, in our separate houses, we shook all at once..." 

Performed by Julia Lederer. For A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME. HERE on iTunes.

"We’ll attend the event of “living” as if it were a high school dance; a slow song playing, our backs pressed against the walls, craving touch 
but also afraid of it. Afraid we don’t know how to do it right." 

Created for the Toronto Fringe Festival's Community Booster, 2020.

Performed by Julia Lederer. Edited by Evan Desjardins.

Created for Convergence Theatre's COVID COMMISIONS. 

Performed by Michela Cannon. Edited by Evan Desjardins.


Selected work from online publications:

“It’s Nothing” Excavates My Experience With An Eating Disorder 
A piece that reflects on the process of making art and the vulnerability and joy of sharing your insides at the Toronto International Film Festival.   For She Does the City, 2019.  Read it HERE.
Cool Ghost
A spooky tale about being haunted by a ghost that's cooler than you. WTF?  For The Town Crier (of The Puritan), 2017.
Read it HERE.
An essay about how hard I try to have a "creative practice." It's almost like I have to practice practicing so that I can practice.
For She Said Notes, 2017. Read it HERE.
" As my fellow "As my fellow undergraduates packed for home or other adventures, I packed a much smaller bag. One with no sharp objects, edibles, alcohol or pills of any kind.... Was I psych ward material?"
A personal essay about the emotions and challenges an eating disorder can cause... and the experience of seeking treatment for one.  For Bitches Be Witches
, 2017.
Read it HERE.